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Adipex is a prescription weight loss medication that is considered one of the most effective diet pills available. Adipex, also known as Adipex-P, is a brand name diet pill manufactured by Teva Biologics and Specialty Products that contains 37.5mg Phentermine Hydrochloride in tablet form. Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressant and metabolism-enhancing drug that has been helping people lose significant amount of weight for over 40 years.

Many people desire a diet pill that is as helpful as Adipex, but is non-prescription and developed for overweight dieters who aren't seeking an obesity treatment. FenFast 375 is the first premium, proprietary non-prescription diet pill developed to provide overweight dieters (BMI of 29.9 or less) with weight management support when no prescription Adipex alternative is right for them.

Fenfast is helping past Adipex users maintain their weight control strategies with the support they need.

• Top-Rated Non-Prescription Diet Pill
• Powerful & Natural-Feeling Energy Boosting
• Steady Focus Enhnacement
• Lasting Alertness Improvements
• Express Shipping

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Why Choose FenFast, Not a Non-Prescription Adipex Alternative?

FenFast tablets are oval, white pills with blue specks. That said, being in pill form is about all they have in common with Adipex and Phentermine 37.5 tablets. This non-prescription premium pill provides ample weight management support to overweight dieters. These are people seeking to control their weight but who aren't obese and therefore prescription drugs are not safe or appropriate for them. Instead, they receive a weight management pill developed specifically for their top dieting needs. These pills were created to help dieters to overcome or even eliminate the barriers they had been experiencing in the way of their weight goals.

Adipex No Prescription Doesn't Exist!

In order to buy Adipex you need to have a prescription from your doctor. Many people, however, wonder if they can get Adipex without a prescription. The answer to that question is an absolute "no". Not if you want to shop safely and legally. Adipex is a prescription obesity treatment.

Why Adipex Requires a Doctor’s Prescription

Unless you have a prescription, you shouldn’t purchase certain medications. Buying prescription drugs such as Adipex without a prescription is not only illegal, but in not having medical supervision for this medication you may be setting yourself up for serious medical issues. For example, Adipex should not be taken with certain medications or when pre-existing health conditions, such as high blood pressure, are present. Adipex is a powerful medication which can also be addictive in some patients. Those who take this medication need to be weaned off of it once the weight loss has been achieved and a doctor needs to supervise this process as well.

Buying Adipex without a Prescription

So how can a person achieve the weight loss they want without going to the doctor for a prescription? With non-prescription medications like FenFast 375, those who enjoy the results of Adipex will still be able to see progress. This over-the-counter medication is readily available online and has all of the positives of a prescription diet pill with few of the negatives. Fenfast does not have withdrawal side effects, nor is it going to cause dangerous side effects. The most common side effects are dry mouth and some jitters in the first few days. Since you can obtain this medication without a prescription, you can also keep your dieting plans private.

How Does FenFast Compare to Adipex - Is It As Good?

While FenFast and Adipex really have nothing in common - both pills excel in their own categories. Adipex is a component of an obesity strategy as prescribed by - and monitored by - a licensed doctor. On the other hand, FenFast 375 was developed with the overweight dieter in mind. It offers more energy, focus and alertness, while supporting a healthy metabolism and providing powerful thermogenics. These benefits make it possible for dieters to put more into their fat-burning workouts, stick to their diets and succeed overall, even when they can't use Adipex.

Adipex Comparison

Is Fenfast 375 as Good as Adipex? - Learn More

Be Wary of No Prescription Adipex

There are still some places online that claim to sell no prescription Adipex, but to order from these companies is taking a huge risk. The medications you buy from these rogue pharmacies are likely illegitimate and may even contain ingredients that are harmful. As well, many of these pharmacies are scams that take you money, but ship you a much lesser quality product and will not give you a refund. Instead of risking your health and money trying to buy no prescription Adipex, stick with FenFast 375, which provides the diet support you need through a legitimate and trusted health store.


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