Are Adipex and Fastin the Same Thing?

by moderator on June 15, 2018

Are Adipex and Fastin the Same

If you’ve been looking into the various forms of phentermine, you may wonder: are Adipex and Fastin the same? They are, after all, both based on the same generic drug. That said, the answer isn’t actually as obvious as it sounds. There is a history involved in these medications. It may surprise you to find out how much the situation changed over the years.

To start, you should know that phentermine is among the most commonly prescribed diet drugs in the United States. It works as a powerful stimulant that produces appetite suppressing effects. This medication is approved for the treatment of obesity over the short term. That drug is the generic, but it is also sold under several brand names.

What Makes Adipex and Fastin the Same?

Both Fastin and Adipex were, at one time, drugs that contained phentermine. That’s what the two have had in common. However, that changed in 1998. Fastin was taken down from the market that year.

Before that time, it was manufactured by King Pharmaceuticals. That company made the pills on behalf of Smith Kline Beecham. Fastin was available exclusively by prescription. At that time, it was one of several drugs containing phentermine. That was what made Adipex and Fastin the same.

Another brand containing phentermine included Ionamin. All three phentermine brands were manufactured by other companies. Each were sold under their own labels.

Were Adipex and Fastin the Same After 1998?

That year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed Fastin from the market. That said, the other brands, such as Ionamin and Adipex-P, continued to be sold. A generic brand was also allowed to continue in the American marketplace.

Adipex-P, as that medication was known, was still being prescribed by doctors. That drug was manufactured by Gate Pharmaceuticals. Adipex continues to be sold as a prescription drug today. It contains 37.5 milligrams of phentermine hydrochloride (the equivalent to 30 mg of phentermine).

The Return of Fastin

Today, what used to make Adipex and Fastin the same is no longer the case. The latter brand returned about 10 years after it was banned. That said, its return was in an entirely different form. The new brand did not contain phentermine.

Instead, Fastin became a brand under which many over the counter supplements were sold. These new supplements had nothing to do with the original prescription drug. They did not contain the same ingredients. They were not manufactured by the same company.

Side effects are the only thing the new products have in common with the old prescription medication. Many users have reported unpleasant side effects when using the new nonprescription Fastin products.

The new Fastin pills contain a number of different ingredients. These substances may be linked with unwanted reactions as well as drug interactions. They may not be appropriate for dieters with any of a range of different health conditions.

Are Adipex and Fastin the Same in Any Way?

Adipex and the new form of Fastin now have nothing at all in common aside from being in pill form. They are no longer different brand names of the same medication. Their ingredients don’t have anything to do with each other.

The new Fastin brand was launched in 2007. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals purchased the brand name. They made the decision to release pills under that name into the non-prescription market.

The first Fastin supplements were released in January 2008. The top ingredient in the first formula was phenylethyalmine. This substance is typically known as an herbal stimulant. That said, that substance has nothing to do with phentermine hydrochloride. Moreover, the new supplement also contained 7 other active ingredients. The ingredients included another stimulant in the form of caffeine.

Indeed, no more were Adipex and Fastin the same, but it is evident that Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals tried to make them close. With at least two stimulants in the formula, it was attempting to create a powerful stimulant effect that could in some way approach that of phentermine.

Adipex and Fastin the Same No More

The new over the counter Fastin didn’t require a doctor’s prescription. That said, considering its ingredients, it declared itself inappropriate for people under 18 years old. Moreover, it is not safe to be taken with other weight loss drugs or even with other caffeine sources.

Therefore, a dieter who plans to drink regular coffee, tea, energy drinks or even chocolate would likely be best to avoid the new Fastin. The high levels of stimulants in Fastin could make additional caffeine unsafe.

Are New Forms of Adipex and Fastin the Same?

Since the release of the first Fastin supplement, several other products have also been released by the brand. Like the original, none of the new products have contained phentermine. They don’t have anything in common with Adipex.

There are currently three pills listed on the Fastin brand website. That said, others appear on various online marketplace online. It is unclear as to whether or not the products on third party sites are officially associated with the brand.

The official brand website lists three dietary supplements called: Fastin Multi-vite for her, Fastin XR, and Fastin Dietary Supplement. Each of those products claims to provide appetite suppression.

It’s clear that the strategy continues to be to make people think of Adipex and Fastin the same way. These formulas all contain strong stimulants or combinations of stimulants. Among the ingredients in these pills include: dimethylamylamine, methylxanthine alkaloids and phenylethamine alkaloids.

Each of those stimulants is linked with side effects. These range in severity levels but often include: jitters, increased heart rate, raised blood pressure, nervousness and others. Individuals sensitive to stimulants may feel more powerful side effects than those who are not.

How are Dietary Supplements Different?

Are Adipex and Fastin the same in the future? The answer is that it is very unlikely. The reason is that dietary supplements are very different from prescription medications. They have completely different requirements.

Prescription drugs and nonprescription medications must be subjected to strict clinical research. Scientists must proven them safe and effective on both animals and then humans. They are also required to undergo purity testing and manufacturing practice compliance. The FDA must approve every component at each step of the product’s creation.

On the other hand the FDA considers dietary supplements to be the same as food, not medicine. Therefore, they don’t have to go through the same tough clinical study. Most supplements can be sold provided they are not shown to cause harm. This helps to explain why it’s very important to do your homework before choosing a diet supplement. Even if your diet pill doesn’t require a prescription, it’s still very wise to consult a doctor for advice.

Cautions Even if You Don’t See Adipex and Fastin the Same

It’s clear that while Adipex and Fastin may once have had something in common, that’s no longer the case. Still, even without being prescription strength, you need to look into each ingredient you plan to take. The reason is that even supplements can be associated with side effects.

Moreover, just because a manufacturer makes claims about benefits, it doesn’t mean they’re scientifically supported. In the name of your health and avoiding needless spending, it’s up to you to make sure you’re taking the right product.

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