Adipex Erectile Dysfunction Side Effects

by moderator on February 27, 2012

adipex impotence

When taking any diet medication, side effects are always a possibility. While some of these drug-causing problems are mild and only slightly unpleasant, such as dry mouth and an upset stomach, others can be more serious and harder to cope with like sexual side effects. Unfortunately, for those who take Adipex-P, changes in libido and Adipex erectile dysfunction are potential risk factors.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Also known as impotence, it is a condition that is characterized by a man’s regular inability to obtain or sustain an erection while engaged in sexual intercourse. More specifically, Adipex erectile dysfunction is when a man becomes impotent not by natural or other causes, but as a result of taking this weight loss formula.

What are the symptoms of Adipex erectile dysfunction?

The two most common symptoms include:

  • Unable to have an erection when feeling sexually aroused
  • Unable to maintain erection during sexual intercourse and unable to finish the act

Impotence does happen to most males at least once during their lifetime. Although it is not uncommon for these symptoms to happen every so often, if this is an ongoing occurrence, the individual should consult with their physician.

It is important that a person understands there is a difference between Adipex erectile dysfunction and the other sexual problems that may arise when taking this medicine. For example, a user’s libido (sex drive) may also be affected and this can be a problem experienced by both men and women. While some individuals may experience an increase in sex drive, others suffer from a decrease, causing them to become disinterested in sex. There are even cases where a person may experience both an increase and decrease.

Nevertheless, despite the sexual problem(s) that may result, this is something that needs to be addressed and not ignored. By not doing anything and hoping the condition will go away, you could be setting yourself up for other complications that can have a negative impact on your moods and emotions, which could also negatively affect your sexual partner. There is no need to risk sacrificing your happiness and wellbeing when there are different help options available.

It is not known, on average, what percentage of men experience Adipex erectile dysfunction. However, if you become impotent while taking this diet drug, make sure you talk to your doctor. He or she can help resolve the issue by adjusting your dosage, recommending treatment, or prescribing you another type of weight management medication.

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