Adipex Effects on Pregnancy

by moderator on February 2, 2012

adipex affects pregnancy

Although being pregnant is often a time of joy for many women, it can also be a very difficult and troubling period for expectant mothers struggling with obesity. Being obese can be quite hazardous to a person’s health, and often puts an individual at risk for medical problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Some individuals take prescription diet drugs like Adipex-P to help control their weight but, unfortunately, Adipex effects on pregnancy are not entirely known and are thought to be risky, which makes this type of weight loss help option not recommended for pregnant women.

Why are Adipex pregnancy effects unknown? To properly answer this question, it is important to first explain that the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) classifies whether or not a drug is safe to take by a woman while she is pregnant by using a pregnancy letter-grade category system. Essentially, this system is used to determine the potential risks a specific medication poses to a fetus, and based on the letter category the drug falls into, it may be considered safe, moderately safe or not safe to use by a woman expecting a baby. Adipex-P is part of FDA pregnancy category C.

This brand name Phentermine formula has been placed in the C category because it is not known if Adipex affects on pregnancy will harm an unborn child. Although animal reproduction studies have been performed and the results found the diet drug to have adverse effects on the animals’ fetuses, there have not been enough controlled studies in humans to determine a well-defined conclusion in terms of understanding the level of risk and danger the formula actually presents.

That said, while it is possible that Adipex effects on pregnancy would be adverse to the fetus, some doctor’s may still prescribe the anorectic drug to their pregnant patients if he or she feels that the potential benefits the medicine will provide are worth taking the risk. Therefore, while it is not recommended, there are some cases in which expecting moms may be prescribed the weight reducing drug.

What are some of the potential Adipex effects on pregnancy? Due to the fact that the active ingredient in the medication is a sympathomimetic amine, it is chemically related to amphetamines. Since this is the case, there may be an increase risk of miscarriages, still births and birth defects.

Thus, if you are pregnant and are thinking about taking Adipex, talk to your healthcare provider.

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