Adipex Tablets – Most Popular Adipex Diet Pill

by moderator on October 25, 2011

adipex 37.5 tablets

A large number of people never get up the nerve to talk to their doctor about their weight loss issues. Instead they struggle constantly, trying to lose weight on their own but not being able to succeed in meeting their weight loss goals. Those who speak with their doctors, however, may be informed about diet pills that they can purchase which can help them lose weight. These diet pills are only available with a prescription and come from a pharmacy. What are these pills? One of the most popular is Adipex tablets.

What are Adipex tablets?

Adipex tablets are a type of diet pill that contain 37.5mg Phentermine hydrochloride and are blue and white speckled. It is a diet pill that works by stimulating the brain to go into the fight-or-flight response. How does this help a person to lose weight? When you’re in a fight-or-flight response, your body is more worried about you being safe than it is about you being hungry, so it shuts down the body’s response to hunger, allowing you to get to safety quickly without being concerned with hunger pangs. It also stimulates your adrenaline so that you have more energy to move. When you take Adipex tablets that is exactly what happens to you.

Adipex tablets use a medication to trigger neurotransmitters in the brain, which releases glucose into the body. This sends the body the signal that the stomach is no longer hungry, and also gives the body a burst of energy. That’s why people who take Adipex tablets find that they have much more of a desire to exercise, or at least more energy to be able to do so. It also allows people who are taking it to only eat when they are truly hungry.

There is, however, one problem with taking Adipex – the side effects. There are a number of side effects that are attached to Adipex tablets, including heart palpitations, tremors, getting the sweats, insomnia, and more. And it is impossible to legally get Adipex without have it prescribed by your physician, who may refuse to do give you one.

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