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Introducing FENFAST 375 – The Most Effective Adipex Alternative When a Prescription Isn’t for You

More dieters than ever are finally able to shed unwanted pounds and keep them off!

Thanks to FENFAST 375, the diet pill that offers support in overcoming all the top weight loss struggles you face every day, you can join the growing number of success stories! FENFAST 375 is a breakthrough weight management support product. Its high-quality ingredients have been carefully combined by experts in the weight loss industry. Powerful energy boosters work with clinically researched metabolic enhancers and focus stimulation to help you in your effort to eat less and exercise efficiently to reach your weight loss goals.

As if improved energy, focus and healthy metabolic support weren’t enough, FENFAST 375 also includes ingredients for powerful thermogenic support, so you can soar to new heights with every workout without being held back by fatigue. To wrap up this revolutionary formula, weight management support comes in the form of only clinically researched ingredients. Each one will help to give you what you need to move beyond the barriers that used to stand in the way of your successful weight loss strategy.  Put your failures behind you and take your healthy weight loss efforts to the next level.

With FENFAST 375, Weight Loss Strategy Support is YOURS! Buy Your First Bottle Today and Get Started.

The complete FENFAST 375 formula includes:

  • L-Phenylalanine
  • Caffeine
  • L-Theanine
  • Theobromine

These powerful, premium-grade ingredients work together to provide the total weight loss program support you need. Only the most extensively researched ingredients have made it into FENFAST 375, ensuring benefits you can feel, without the severe side-effects you would typically encounter with other diet pills.

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FENFAST White and Blue Speck Tablets – Non-Prescription Diet Supporting Adipex Alternative

FENFAST tablets are oval, white pills with blue specks, which are scored down the middle and punched with FENFAST on one side. This product is a premium-quality non-prescription diet pill that is easy to buy online. Experience amazing weight management support throughout the full length of your strategy when you combine their use with a sensible, healthy diet and regular exercise program.

FENFAST 375 Success Stories

Colleen Thornton from Fremont, Nebraska
After a long struggle with being overweight and failing at diets over and over I finally decided to look into taking diet pills. I knew without help I would not be able to get control over my eating, which was the reason diets always ended in failure. I searched for recommended appetite suppressants and came across fenfast. The first day I took this pill I missed my lunch completely and had to encourage myself to eat dinner. From the first day my appetite has been drastically reduced and I have started to lose weight consistently for the first time in years. Thank you for making such a terrific product – it has changed my life.
Jenny Patterson from Brooklyn, New York
I used Fenfast 375 tabs and lost 10 lbs in the first two weeks and was very happy with the product. It gave me energy and helped motivate myself to workout and it also helped with suppressing my appetite. Finally, a diet pill that works for me.
Darren White from Dover, New Hampshire
I have used lots of diet pills and based on effectiveness Intechra Health’s FenFast 375 is the best. All you need to do is take one pill and almost immediately you feel its effects. Even though it is recommended that you take four pills a day, I’d recommend you start with one at a time and work your way up to 2 – that’s how powerful this diet pill can be, especially in the beginning.
Melanie Sigmund from Bay City, Texas
I just started taking it [FenFast] two weeks ago. I have also been hitting the gym regularly – 5 times this week already. I take one capsule in the morning with a small breakfast and then one capsule again in the afternoon around 2pm. Taking it in the afternoon not only helps wake me up at work, but gets me energized to go workout. It is the way to go for anyone who wants to lose more weight than with just dieting and exercise alone. I have lost 10 pounds in the last two weeks. Starting weight: 174. Current weight: 164. Amazing results!
Heather Pearson from Boulder, Colorado
This is the only diet pill I’ve tried that didn’t have terrible side-effects. Fenfast worked the best for me out of any pills I’ve tried thus far.
Amy Landry from Las Vegas, Nevada
I took this diet pill and I felt great and it gave me energy all day long without feeling jittery. I also lost over thirty pounds in two months by following a diet and exercising a few times a week. These are great pills and no risk even for people like me who are sensitive to diet products.

How FENFAST 375 Compares to Adipex and Phentermine 37.5

FENFAST 375 is often compared to Adipex and Phentermine by dieters, but it is important to point out that these pills are nothing alike.  Those prescription drugs are meant as an obesity treatment for individuals with a BMI of 30 or higher.  They come with the risk of severe side effects and even addiction.  That said, this non-prescription diet pill was developed for overweight dieters who need support in their healthy lifestyle changes.  These tablets improve energy levels in the body and mind while supporting a healthy metabolism to make it far easier for dieters to eat right and exercise regularly without the typical struggles linked with those activities.

how fenfast compares to adipex

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Lauren Pillow January 14, 2011 at 10:10 am

Does this alternative really work? I need to lose about 70 pounds within five months and crazy crash diets have not worked.


tiffany leonard January 11, 2011 at 1:42 pm

I need to lose 40lbs


mia December 30, 2010 at 2:26 pm

Hi, i have a really big issue with losing weight.
i want to try this but my insurance doesn’t cover it. so i guess i’ll try it from here. i hope its safe to buy from this website.


TyEsha December 19, 2010 at 12:04 pm

I took the pills and they work wonderful. I started losing weight instantly and faster than i had ever. The only thing that came along with taking it was that i was relly thirsty all the time. Other than that it is like a miracle work. Thank You!


Deni December 8, 2010 at 7:25 am

I used adipex for 3 months, lost a total of 27 pounds, with no effort, but the doctor , said i have to be off of it for 6 months before i can restart the 3 month cycle.. i will gain the weight back in 6 months.. then start over again..
not happy with that…im going to try this… and see if it works.


Kacey October 26, 2010 at 9:37 am

I used to take Adipex and it worked….just wondering if this product is as safe and works as well as the adipex does before I buy and if this website is safe to buy from


Dave S October 11, 2010 at 4:01 pm

I just got my order in the mail. Took about 2 days to arrive. The pills are small white and blue speck tablets which actually do look similar to Adipex 37.5 mg. Which is what used to take when it was avaible online. They look similar but do they work similar?? That is the question, I will post back soon – Dave


Allison Q January 14, 2011 at 6:58 am


Just wondering how they’ve worked for you. Any feedback wuold be great! I’m thinking about ordering, but don’t want to if it’s just going to be a waste of time and money.


Christy Tamera September 11, 2010 at 8:32 pm

This product works! I was looking for Adipex but found fenfast tablets. They are for sure a great alternative to Adipex that I could actually buy online. I’ve lost 35 pounds in the first 9 weeks, still have 4 more weeks to go.


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