How to Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage at Home

by editor on December 26, 2017

Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

Knowing your body fat percentage can be helpful, not only to help you determine how much weight you need to lose, but also to figure out how healthy you are overall. But how can you calculate your body fat percentage at home? Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing at all. Just follow the tips below so that you can figure out how much body fat you are carrying and how much body fat you should lose to get healthier and slimmer.

Measuring Your Body with a Ruler and a Friend

Get a friend to help you with this method for measuring your body fat percentage at home, as doing so will help ensure you get the most accurate numbers.

Start by hanging your arm down by your side. Your friend should then locate the point that is midway on the tricep between the elbow and shoulder. Once this point is located, he or she could then pinch the  fat and skin away from your tricep muscle by using the forefinger and thumb.

Once the skin has been pinched, your friend could use a ruler to measure, in millimeters, how thick the pinched skin is. The ruler should not rest against your skin, though, to get an accurate measurement. And to be sure that you are getting the right measurement, you could repeat this a couple of times and take an average.

The Results

If the pinched skin measured around 6 mm, your body fat percentage is probably around 5-9% if you’re a man and 8-13% if you’re a woman. If it measured around 19 mm and you’re a man, your body fat percentage is 13-18%, but if you’re a woman, it would be 18-23%. And if your pinched skin measured 38 mm, you might have 22-27% body fat if you’re a man, or 28-33% if you’re a woman. If you determine your body fat percentage to be on the higher end of the spectrum, learn about Adipex diet pills online at Weight Loss Center. This medication is prescribed by a doctor to help you lose weight.

The nice thing about this particular method is the fact that you do not need to worry about completing any complicated mathematical formulas to figure out your body fat percentage. And if you really hate math but you do want to take a more numbers-based approach to your body fat calculation, you could always search for body fat calculators online that could perform the complicated math for you. However, if you really want the most accurate number possible, you should consider talking to your doctor or a dietician.

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