The Perfect Routine to Combat Fall Weight Gain

by editor on October 14, 2016

combat fall weight gain routine

As you become less active in the great outdoors, and as you start indulging in all of the sweet and hearty treats of the season, you may begin experiencing unwanted fall weight gain. That means that you have to amp up your workout routine. Check out the routine below if you want to combat the weight gain that’s so common this time of year for so many people.

Set Up a Workout Schedule
First off, you’ll need to commit to a workout schedule if you want to avoid fall weight gain. You should aim to exercise at least 4 days out of the week, but if you’re really ambitious, you can even opt to exercise for 6 days, with one rest day. Many people like to exercise Monday through Saturday and give themselves Sunday as their day of rest. See what works for you and your schedule. And when it comes to the length of your workouts, make sure they’re least 30 minutes or longer.

Don’t Neglect Your Abs
Focus on training your core at least three days out of the week if you’re going to be working out 6 days a week. If you’re working out fewer days every week, you should alternate days, so work your core on day one, skip day two, but work it again on day three, as an example. Remember that your ab muscles need to be consistently worked in order to maintain them properly, so focus on a variety of exercises, including plank variations and crunches, as well as lower back exercises.

Incorporate Cardio
Whether you take a dance class, a cardio class at the gym, or you head out for a jog, make sure that you also incorporate three days or more of cardio in your workout schedule, as this is an integral component to preventing fall weight gain. Again, 30 minutes or more is ideal.

Alternate Muscle Groups
Use the rest of your workout schedule to work in time for every muscle group. You can do your chest and back on one day, your lower body on another, and your arms and shoulders on the last day. If you’re working out six days a week, you can alternate these routines with your cardio, and you can add in core on either your cardio days or your strength training days.

If you don’t want to undo all of the progress you made earlier in the year when you worked hard to get your beach body, be sure to follow a workout schedule like the one above. And consider taking a product like FenFast 375, which will help you maintain your healthy weight with greater ease every day.

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