What Are The Dangers Of Being Overweight?

by editor on September 26, 2013

learn about the dangers of being overweight

There are so many dangers of being overweight. There are plenty that are really obvious and those that are really not so obvious. The weight doesn’t have to be very much either—it can be as little as 10 pounds which is really a lot in terms of health.

If you went to YouTube and looked for a video on what one pound of fat looks like on a scale—you would be surprised. We don’t think much of it because for most—it is evenly distributed throughout the body. Once the weight goes over a certain amount—it shows in trouble-spots. These “trouble spots” are largely from heredity.

What are the specific dangers of being overweight?

The dangers of being overweight are many but there are some very specific dangers that you need to watch for over time. It is easy when we are only maybe 10 pounds overweight and we are not cognizant of what changes and efforts our bodies must go through to compensate for the weight. Here we will open that world to you as we journey inside the body of an overweight person. Don’t worry—no prior knowledge of medical jargon required—just simple ABC’s of the process.

Cardiovascular system: At ten pounds over your ideal weight—your heart, lungs and circulatory system must work a bit harder and more so if you are sedentary. This puts strain, which over time, will show up in ways such as heart attack or stroke.

Blood glucose: At ten pounds overweight, your body is beginning to fluctuate in the levels of blood glucose to compensate for a flaky metabolism, especially if you are eating the wrong foods. Having a chronic sweet tooth doesn’t help and if you are a deep fried maven…well as sinfully delicious as it is—it is a no-no on a regular basis.

These are the two major issues that we have with being ten pounds or more overweight. Other issues are a fluctuation in hormone levels that cause depression and anxiety as well. These are not the obvious dangers we see and hear of because only now we are taking a more holistic view of what inappropriate weight is.

There are quick and easy online calculators that can tell you what your ideal weight should be. An example to get you started—if you are female and 5 foot 1 you should be ideally 135 pounds to be healthy.

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