Why You Shouldn’t Drink Caffeine While Taking Diet Pills

by editor on December 2, 2013

don't drink caffeine with diet pills

When you are a dieter there are considerations that you have to think about before you start—especially when it comes to diet pills. One of those consideration is your caffeine intake. We will touch on why you shouldn’t drink caffeine while you are taking diet pills.

So where do you find caffeine?

We thought this was important to cover here since caffeine is a drug—it’s just legal and it is addictive. It also comes in many hidden forms that you need to be aware of before you start taking any diet pill.

Caffeine is found in coffee—which is its most popular source—even decaffeinated harbors small amount of caffeine. Normally it won’t bother you in this form but coupled with other products containing it—it will. Tea and green tea which is popular among dieters and health food advocates has a ton of it. Sodas—including diet soda and chocolate contain it.

Caffeine in diet pills:

Caffeine in diet pills is highly prominent. It is the very stimulant that will give you the energy to take on a workout and keep you awake and alert during the sugar slums you will have on a calorie-restricted diet. However, you must realize that even in “jitter free” diet pills—some of the herbal ingredients may also contain stimulants that are going to give you the same results.

So, in saying that—diet pills that do harbor caffeine, generally contain amounts equal to 3-5 cups and that is powerful enough—you and your heart muscle do not need anything extra to help them along. So it’s obvious that you don’t need to drink caffeine on top of that.

First—you are raising your heart rate with the caffeine in the diet pill and then pushing it even more with exercise. You could do some damage to your cardiovascular system if you aren’t careful.

What about withdrawals?

You won’t have any because there is enough caffeine in the pills that will compensate for your morning coffee. Avoiding chocolate and caffeinated teas will also do the trick. Most diet pills have not only caffeine in them but they have green tea extract and that is full of enough caffeine that you need to avoid any extra stimulant.

What too much caffeine can feel like:

Too much caffeine feels like a rapid heartbeat or an irregular heartbeat as well as shakiness and sweating—almost like a panic attack and this in and of itself is why you shouldn’t drink caffeine while taking diet pills.

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