Drinking Water Promotes Weight Loss

by editor on August 19, 2013

drinking water burns calories

Water is the single most important thing to our body. We are made of it and frankly without it we die. So you wouldn’t be surprised if we told you that drinking water is the key in the weight loss process. Water assists our dieting efforts in more than just one way and some may surprise you.

According to the American Chemical Society in Boston—you can lose weight and keep it off by drinking two 8oz glasses of water before each of the three meals of the day—breakfast, lunch and dinner. You must still have an effective weight loss program to follow as well as exercise. However, water—taken at this level will boost success rate and longevity. According to Brenda Davy Ph.D. associate professor of nutrition, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, you can add water to any weight loss regiment and it will aid in losing weight.

So what is the big conclusion about why H2o is a fat buster?

Are you sitting? After all these studies performed by reputable schools, they have all come to only one solid conclusion and that is— drinking water helps to fill you up—yes that is it. Now, let’s look at why this is more important than you think.

This society has been conditioned into unhealthy habits. We guzzle soda, we crave things that we don’t need and consume more weight producing chemicals than we care to think about. Weight loss –in its raw sense is simple—when your brain says it is full—it stops creating hunger chemicals—period. Water is a filling substance that also helps good chemicals to get to where they need to be in the bloodstream and in getting to the brain.

Indirect ways water will help you lose weight:

Water will marry with high fiber foods such as oatmeal, breads and grains to help with the elimination process and more efficient breaking down of fats in the gut. You see, the more important function to long term weight loss is the efficiency of all body functions—for this, drinking water is king.
Bonus weight loss fact:

Did you know that half the “weight” on the scale that you see is due to inefficient waste elimination from dehydration and lack of sufficient water in the intestine? It is a simple process to drink more water—but let’s face it—it is bland. The good news is there are water flavoring products out there than can provide a better H20 experience.

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