How Much Sleep Do You Need for Easier Weight Loss?

by moderator on June 24, 2019

Sleep for Easier Weight Loss

Have you heard that getting enough sleep plays an integral role in your ability to achieve easier weight loss? If you’re wondering how much sleep you need to shed pounds, you aren’t the only one! Check out the information below to get all of the answers you need.

Sleep Has an Effect on Body Composition

According to PopSugar, if you aren’t getting enough sleep every night, the hormones that are responsible for controlling when you feel hungry and when you feel full can be adversely affected.

More specifically, ghrelin, the hormone associated with hunger, will rise, while the level of leptin, the hormone for fullness, will go down. Translation: you will feel hungrier than you should, resulting in you consuming more calories than you should throughout the day.

So, How Much Sleep Do You Need for Easier Weight Loss?

Now that you know that sleep can have a big impact on how much weight you lose, and how much weight you can keep off, it is time to cover how many hours of shut-eye you need to get every night.

Experts recommend getting anywhere from seven to nine hours of solid sleep every night, especially if you are hoping to shed excess weight with greater ease. The great thing about getting this amount of sleep is that it can not only help regulate those hunger hormones, but it can also help ensure that you will have enough energy to be active. Getting in that all-important sweat session at the gym will be a lot easier when you have gotten enough sleep, and when you aren’t dealing with the mental fog and the physical fatigue that occurs when you are lacking sleep.

For most people, seven to nine hours of sleep should be enough, but if you are still feeling tired or too hungry throughout the day, it might be necessary to get even more sleep for your unique body.

Easier weight loss can be achieved with the right strategy that includes getting enough rest. So, now that you know the importance of sleep for your waistline, make sure to refine your schedule so that you can get the shuteye that your body needs.

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