Why You Shouldn’t Take Expired Adipex

by moderator on March 12, 2012

adipex expiry

A common question that many people wonder when it comes to medication is – can you still use medicine that has past its expiry date? This might be something you are thinking about if you are considering taking expired Adipex. The answer is that you should not take drugs past the expiration date that has been marked on the product packaging.

Why? The most obvious reason is that the diet drugs could potentially harm you. Furthermore, it is possible that they no longer have the same potency, which could make the drug less effective or ineffective. That said, expiry dates for medicine don’t exactly stand for the same thing as they do in the food industry, for example. However, before you get all hopeful about the possibility of using expired Adipex, it’s important that you understand what expiration dates for drugs actually mean.

By law, drug manufactures must put a date of expiry on their products. What it represents is that the manufacturer can guarantee the safety and full potency of the medication until the date they’ve provided. Therefore, if you have a bottle of expired Adipex, the manufacturer can no longer assure that the diet pills will still be effective or safe. As such, it’s in your best interest to err on the side of caution and obtain a new bottle.

It may seem like a waste of money to throw out expired Adipex when it’s quite possible the formula is still good, but consider this: Can you guarantee that the appetite suppressant will still work 100% as it should? You can’t, and that’s a good enough reason not to risk taking it. After all, you’re using Adipex-P to help you lose weight, if it can’t effectively do that because it has expired, all you’re doing is unnecessarily putting your body at risk of side effects. Thus, it’s in your best interest to obtain fresh pills to be sure that the medicine you’re taking is working as it should.

In addition, you may wonder how to detect medicine that has gone bad while it is still within its shelf life. The primary warning sign to watch for is discolored tablets. If a pill looks strange, throw it out. You should also discard any medication that has been stored improperly. For instance, if the product has been exposed to excessive moisture or prolonged areas of heat and light it may no longer be good or work as well.

As a final thought, remember, always put your health first and don’t take expired Adipex. The risk is unnecessary and just not worth it.

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