Top Healthiest Staple Foods to Always Have ​

by editor on March 30, 2017

Healthiest Staple Foods for dieters

Don’t you hate it when your kitchen is lacking in the foods that you need to create fast, healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Then consider keeping some of the healthiest staple foods in your home at all times.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the healthiest staple foods that you should definitely have plenty of in your kitchen is extra virgin olive oil, which is packed with healthy fats that nourish your entire body. For the best flavor, stick with cold-pressed varieties. Drizzle some over finished dishes, including veggie sides and pasta, or use it to coat your pan before preparing a meal.


In addition to olive oil, you should also keep some olives in your kitchen at all times. Again, it’s all about getting those healthy fats in your diet, and you can easily snack on olives or use them in everything from pasta recipes to salads.

Beans and Legumes

Packed with protein and fiber, legumes and beans should always be in your kitchen. You can make everything from veggie burgers and falafel, to tacos, burritos, and pasta dishes with these yummy ingredients, so go ahead and stock up on everything from garbanzo beans to black beans, peas, and lentils.


A tasty grain that’s high in protein and fiber, quinoa can take the place of carb-rich pasta, and you can even have it for breakfast in place of oatmeal. There are a variety of fun dishes that you can create, include quinoa and bean tacos, for lunch and dinner, so it’s definitely worth keeping this in your kitchen for last-minute ideas.


Keeping fruit in the house is a great way to ensure you’ll always have a healthy snack to reach for when you’re hungry, but bananas are easy to find throughout the year, and they’re packed with nutrients. You can add some bananas to peanut butter and toast, or you can freeze them and use them in yummy smoothies.


Finally, always keep some broth on hand, as you’ll be able to use it for everything from chilies and stews, to soups and more. Just stick with low-sodium options.

By keeping the healthiest staple foods in your kitchen at all times, you can rest assured that you’ll always have something nourishing to eat. When cravings strike, you’ll be able to satisfy yourself without giving in to unhealthy snacks, and that means that you’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight more easily too.

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