Hidden Sources of Sugar That Prevent Weight Loss

by editor on December 11, 2014

hidden sources of sugar cause weight gain

They say you are what you eat, and therefore knowing what the hidden sources of sugar may be can help you to eat right. Though it isn’t always advertised, there can be sugar in some of the most unusual places. Getting to the bottom of this can really help you to stay away from these traps and create a healthy eating regimen. The problem is that sugar is used to make things taste better, even when they appear to be healthy in their makeup. Not only that, but sugar can come in many different forms, and therefore even the most innocent-seeming foods can really wreak havoc on your diet. So keeping that in mind, you want to ensure that you know where sugar hides and adjust your diet accordingly.

Start by understanding that some of the most unusual hidden sources of sugar can come to you through “diet foods.” This can be very deceiving for people who are genuinely trying to eat right and cut calories, so it’s an important area to focus on. Though you may think you are doing just fine and you’re focused on low-fat, low-calorie, or even low-carbohydrate foods, are you reading their labels properly? What happens with these foods is that you will often find added sugar or salt in excess quantities. This is to ensure that the foods still taste good while they have other preservatives taken out. So anything that is low-fat, particularly a sweet like a cookie or even crackers, can tend to have a lot of added sugar that can sneak up on you. Stay away from these foods at all costs!

Learn to Read Labels and Know What You Are Getting

Another thing to think through when trying to find hidden sources of sugar is that they can come to you in condiments and really sneak up on you. So, say you are adding barbeque sauce, salad dressing, or even ketchup to a meal. You think that this is harmless enough, but you can quickly turn even the healthiest dish into a diet-killer by adding these condiments. Salad dressings are quite deceiving because you assume they are good for you, yet they can be loaded down with sugar and all sorts of other bad ingredients. Get into the habit of reading labels and stick with this moving forward.

Though some hidden sources of sugar may seem a bit more obvious, you need to be on the lookout. Even beverages such as sports drinks, juices, and coffee drinks can be loaded down with sugar. So try to eat clean and stay away from the processed foods and drinks. It’s always best to go the more natural route, and then you can ensure that you don’t risk diet sabotage. Too much sugar can definitely be a bad thing for weight loss, and now you know what to stay away from to ensure you don’t send your efforts into a nosedive. Sugar can hurt you, so stay away from it when you can to help your weight loss tremendously.

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