Holiday Calorie Cutting Advice for Weight Loss

by editor on October 30, 2013

Holiday Calorie Cutting for weight loss

It’s almost that time of year again, which means that holiday calorie cutting is going into full effect. This is a time of year for us that brings much happiness and time with family, but it can also mean diet sabotage. You are in many more social settings and you are offered up foods that you would never tend to eat on a daily basis. This lends itself to overeating and to eating all the wrong foods. Holidays can be a time for panic with many who are dieting and trying to lose weight! So how can you navigate through the holidays without gaining weight? There are some simple but effective ways to cut your calories and still enjoy this festive time of year.

First start off your holiday calorie cutting by really watching your portions. Here’s the good news—you can still enjoy a favorite dish if you would like to. Just be sure that you eat a small piece of pie or a very small serving of that fatty but delicious potato dish. The idea here is not to deprive yourself, but rather to enjoy what you love but in a much smaller serving size than you are used to. This ensures that you get to enjoy foods that you love and you don’t feel that lack of satisfaction. It also means that you learn to exert proper portion control in the process, and you don’t fall off track along the way.

Be Mindful of What You Eat and Drink

Another great way to practice holiday calorie cutting is to watch the alcohol. If you are going to indulge in a cocktail then opt for red wine or even a wine spritzer that uses club soda. Never go for frothy or sweet drinks as they are loaded with sugar. Also be sure to keep it to 1-2 cocktails each evening. Drink water or club soda in between to keep yourself feeling satisfied without the calories that you don’t want. The same applies to desserts or anything else that you enjoy. Give yourself a certain quota such as one sliver of pie or one small appetizer plate and then stick to it. Drinking water can help with this tip or trick with food too.

A final holiday calorie cutting tip is to really make up your plate in a healthy way. Fill it halfway with vegetables so that you fill up on the right foods and don’t leave room for the bad ones. Then you can use the rest of the plate for lean proteins and whole grain options. You get full faster when you focus on the vegetables and then you don’t have time for the foods that are going to bring you down. Eye your plate and plan for it, and if at all possible eat off of a smaller plate as well. All of these tips can really help you to change your ways, allow you to enjoy the holidays, and be certain that your weight loss efforts aren’t side tracked for the long haul.

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