Holiday Weight Loss Cooking Tips

by editor on November 5, 2013

holiday weight loss cooking

The holidays are upon us once again and the urge to make our favorite recipes is also present. The main concern for those dieting and those who are not—is calories. We love rich and flavorful food at the holidays and with a few holiday weight loss cooking tips we can preserve flavor and sacrifice a few calories here and there.

Prepare a list:

Not just your wish list for Santa but your cooking list. When you make your ingredient list take a good hard look at it. You’ll definitely find that you have a good list of fats that you can replace and some you can keep.

Know yourself and your family:

When you have a family—each person will have a favorite. If you are the one cooking—you have the control. If you allow each member of the family to choose one favorite you may find a few of them like the same thing. Narrow it down to one thing they love and one thing you like. Make them with all the traditional ingredients and don’t change a thing. The rest of the meal—substitute fats. For example—if the family loves roasted potatoes then make them and use the fatty stuff—why? Because the fatty stuff has the flavor—however, not so true for the stuffing or the veggies because they lend their own flavor and you can use minimal and light oils to cook them.

Bonus holiday weight loss cooking tip:

When you use extra virgin oil or sesame oil—though the smoke point is low—make sure you don’t heat it to fry or until it smokes. This is because the heat turns it into something just as bad as heavy oil and you are back to eating empty calories.

Take a poll and omit the leftovers:

Find out from memory and asking the family—what tends to become a leftover. Everyone knows you eat some things until you are fighting over the last bite—and other things you are eating for days—like the Turkey. Control the portions of the things that will become a leftover anyway—save you a week’s worth of calories and weight gain!

Try steaming not frying or baking:

You can use the steam option with vegetables and then make a topping on the side that people can put over them. There is a variety of low fat gravies. And remember if grandma makes a kick butt casserole then make it a fave and keep it for your exception. This holiday weight loss cooking tip will keep everyone happy!

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