10 Home Workout DVDs You’ll Love

by editor on March 26, 2014

best home workout DVDs

There’s a reason that home workout DVDs are catching on as an exercise phenomenon. These are easy-to-perform workouts that you can squeeze in any time. If you are tight on time, short on money, or intimidated by exercise, these are lifesavers for getting fit. As as you work on your fitness, you should check out some of the best available workout DVDs. Here are the top 10 home workout DVDs that incorporate variety and genuine results:

1. Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Follow this four-week program and perform the same workout each day for a week—and you will see results. This combines cardio, strength training, and abs into effective and easy-to-manage circuits that continue to increase in intensity. Not for the weak, but for those who truly want results!

2. T25: If you think that you can’t feel the burn in 25 minutes, then you’ve never tried this workout. This is one of the newest and most popular home workout DVDs with good reason. You will incorporate a lot of strength and cardio into one workout according to the given schedule. Stick with the plan and you will be amazed!

3. Biggest Loser Circuit: Any time you hear of a workout from The Biggest Loser, you know it will be effective. This one incorporates powerful intervals by each of the trainers for a truly amazing circuit-based workout. Prepare to work up a sweat and change your body forever!

4. Bob Harper Strength: By far one of the most popular coaches from The Biggest Loser, Harper knows how to change people’s bodies. This is specifically focused on strength training, but you get an added bonus of cardio as well. You will feel the effects of this the very next day–and that’s a good thing!

5. Insanity: Though this may be one of the toughest home workout DVDs, it’s also one of the most effective. This is definitely an advanced workout, but one to work up to. This is a workout that marathon runners and weight lifters have taken on, and even they have felt the burn. Well worth a try!

6. Jackie Warner’s Time Savers: She is one of the top trainers in Hollywood, so it’s no surprise to find her as one of the top home workout DVDs on the list. She focuses primarily on strength training, but you will notice some amazing results after only a few sessions.

7. Fat Burning Kickboxing: Since this is not only one of the most fun workouts but also one of the best fat burners, you should seriously consider checking this out. You will get some serious cardio in this workout but in manageable increments. You can work your way up to a better body!

8. Denise Austin: Shrink Your Trouble Spots: Austin has been around for awhile, so many of her options are amongst the top home workout DVDs. This particular one focuses on common trouble zones that need extra attention. She will take your body where you want it to be!

9. Shape up with Yoga: If you have never thought about yoga as a fat burner, then it’s time to start. This takes a yoga workout to the next level and really helps you to achieve balance, flexibility, cardio, and strength all at the same time. You will shape up and feel relaxed.

10. Take It Up a Notch with Kettlebells: If you want power from one of the best home workout DVDs, then this is the way to get it. Using kettlebells is really catching on as a workout craze, and this is an excellent workout to focus on helping you to gain experience with a powerful tool.

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