What to Tell Yourself When You Think You Run Too Slow

by moderator on June 26, 2018

Motivation When You Run Too Slow

For a lot of people, running is a fantastic workout. If you find yourself running and tracking your efforts with your Fitbit or similar device, you might be taking a closer look at your pace. In the world of running, it is easy to compare your speed to other runners, but this isn’t a good idea. If you think that you run too slow, keep reading to learn about why it doesn’t really matter, and what you can tell yourself to keep yourself going.

It’s About Your Individual Pace

You don’t run too slow; you’re running at the pace that is right for you. Period. That’s what everyone else is doing, too, when they go for a run. They are all working on their own pace, based on their body and their fitness level. So, you can go ahead and stop comparing yourself to others.

You Actually Are Strong

Even if you think that you run too slow, one thing that you can be sure of is the fact that you are, indeed, a strong runner. You are getting out there and running, which is something that a lot of people simply can’t do for a variety of reasons. And you are logging your miles, too, at whatever speed works best for you. You are strong already, and you will continue to get stronger, which means you have the capacity to increase your speed over time. There’s no rush.

You’re Still Experiencing the Highs and Lows of Running

Even when you run too slow, you are still reaping the benefits of getting out there and being physically active. You still get that “runner’s high” that everyone talks about. And you still have the aches and pains that come with conditioning your body. In other words, whether you are able to run fast or you just go slowly, you are still reaping the benefits—and you still need to be aware of potential injuries.

Whether you’re planning on running a marathon or sticking with your solo run workout, there’s no such thing as running too slow. Get out there and have fun!

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