The Diet and Exercise Strategy to Get 6 Pack Abs

by editor on August 8, 2017

Diet and Exercise Strategy for 6 Pack Abs

So many of us strive to get 6 pack abs but don’t even know where to begin. The key to your success in achieving that sexy midsection will ultimately lie in your ability to combine the right diet strategy with the right exercise routine. The following tips should help make the process less daunting, and it should take the mystery out of what it takes to get 6 pack abs at last.

Reduce Calories, Have Protein, Drink Water

First off, you’ll need to reduce your calorie intake slowly and steadily. You shouldn’t have to feel deprived while you’re working on getting your abs in shape, and you should definitely be eating enough calories every day so that you’ll have enough fuel to power through your workout. Start at around 1,500 calories per day and reduce that amount by around 50-100 calories every week.

On top of that, eating plenty of protein will also be important, as protein is the foundation for strong muscles. You can choose to get your protein in a traditional way, or if you’re a vegan, you can get your protein from plant sources. The key is to get a lot of it and make sure it’s easily digestible protein that your body can use.

Finally, you need to stay properly hydrated throughout this process. Experts recommend drinking about a gallon of water every day. Split this up throughout the day, of course. The goal is to keep your body nourished while also making an extra attempt at keeping your belly feeling full.

A Combination of Workouts

To get those sexy abs, you need to do more than just ab workouts. Cardio is highly recommended, so stick with around a half hour of cardio five days a week. Work at around 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. Then increase your cardio sessions to 45 minutes after about a month, and start working at roughly 70-75% of your max heart rate.

To get 6 pack abs, you need to work every area of your core, so a combo of exercises is key. Try the dumbbell crunch for the upper abs, and the oblique crunch to hit the lower abs and the sides of your abs. And elbow plank will work the whole core.

Following the diet and exercise strategy above should make it easier for you to finally get 6 pack abs, especially if you’ve struggled with this fitness goal in the past. Just remember that, in addition to eating right, you can also get extra support from an over-the-counter alternative to Adipex weight loss pills.

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