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Adipex Harmful Side Effects

May 3, 2020
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In the majority of cases of using Adipex, harmful side effects occur because too much of the drug has been taken at one time. Should you experience persistent, bothersome, or severe side effects, contact your doctor right away to find out how you should proceed.

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Reasons You May be Refused an Adipex Prescription

November 18, 2019
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Though Adipex is a weight loss drug that is commonly prescribed by doctors and physicians across the country to help people to overcome their obesity, this drug was not made for everybody. Indeed, it is highly effective at helping with weight loss, but there are many reasons why a person may be refused an Adipex prescription.

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What Are The Dangers Of Being Overweight?

September 26, 2013
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There are so many dangers of being overweight. There are plenty that are really obvious and those that are really not so obvious. The weight doesn’t have to be very much either—it can be as little as 10 pounds which is really a lot in terms of health. If you went to YouTube and looked […]

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Long Term Adipex Use

August 22, 2012
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Side effects occurring from long term Adipex use can not only be uncomfortable, but they can also be very serious and put a patient’s health at risk.

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