Fall Weight Gain Causes and Healthier Choices

by editor on October 13, 2019

fall weight gain causes and prevention

When autumn arrives, you put away your summer clothes and bathing suits and start putting on your cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots. And you also start reaching for all of those delicious fall comfort foods.

According to researchers in the UK, those who normally eat healthy and stick to their diet end up gaining as much as five pounds in the autumn, and September is the second heaviest month of the whole year, with December leading in first.

So, despite the beauty and warmth of the season, there are fall weight gain causes that you need to avoid if you want to maintain your sexy figure and keep your body healthy. Below are a few of those causes, along with healthier choices, so you can prevent this weight gain. 

Fall Weight Gain Causes:

  1. A Craving for Sweets and Treats

During the fall, a lot of people turn to foods like pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider doughnuts, and pumpkin pie. They also crave warm cookies, apple pie, and hot chocolate. The Halloween season, in particular, can make it harder to resist your favorite candies and chocolates too. All of these dessert style foods and treats add up and pack on the calories every day that can lead to excess pounds.

Rather than opting for these foods, stick with healthier alternatives. You can incorporate canned pumpkin into healthy meals, such as whole wheat pasta, as an example, to get the flavor without the sugar. You can drink warm and naturally sweet apple cider, and you can fill yourself up with fresh fruits, such as apples and pears, rather than having them in the form of a pie or cake.

  1. A More Sedentary Lifestyle

Another one of the fall weight gain causes is the sedentary lifestyle that often happens when the days get shorter. After getting out of work in the evening when the sun is already setting, you probably feel more like hibernating than going out and being active. You probably end up sitting on your couch watching TV at night, and you probably fail to exercise as often.

The alternative is to simply remain active. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and stick with it, whether that’s at the gym or at home. And make it a point to get outside as much as possible, as the weather is perfect for biking and hiking.

Healthier Choices to Avoid Fall Weight Gain Causes: 

  1. Snack Smarter 

Snacking smarter can make a difference at any time of the year, but it can be particularly helpful when you are aiming to avoid fall weight gain causes. If you tend to reach for unhealthy snacks, such as pumpkin flavored desserts, during the fall, switch things up by incorporating healthier options into your daily snack routine instead.

A few great choices include:

  • Mixed nuts (you can season these with your favorite fall seasonings, like pumpkin spice, for more flavor)
  • Seeds (this is the perfect time of year to roast some pumpkin seeds!)
  • Dried or fresh fruit (think of all of the tasty apples and pears that are in season)
  • Whole grain crackers and granola
  • Fresh veggies
  • Popcorn (this, too, can be seasoned with fall spices) 
  1. Have Your Favorite Fall Comfort Foods in Moderation 

It should come as no surprise that one of the fall weight gain causes is the availability of tasty, hearty comfort foods everywhere you turn. No one is saying that you can’t enjoy these wonderful flavors of the season, but if you want to avoid unwanted weight gain, you should indulge in them in moderation.

According to She Knows, it is best to limit yourself to just one of your favorite fall comfort foods each week. This can help stop you before you end up overdoing it.

So, for example, you might enjoy one sweet pumpkin flavored dessert this week, and then wait until next week to have a dinner that includes fall foods that are high in calories and fat. The rest of the time, aim to eat healthy, and focus on those fall foods that are natural and low in calories and fat.

Consider Taking a Diet Pill for Extra Weight Loss Support

Now that you know a couple of the fall weight gain causes that you should avoid, you can be sure you maintain your healthy weight, especially if you’re taking a product like FENFAST 375. This is a weight management product that you can buy over the counter to get more energy and focus every day. It can help you stick to your goals and avoid fall weight gain causes.

With the right strategy in place, you can avoid gaining weight this fall, without having to sacrifice indulging in some of the season’s most delicious flavors and treats. The key is to eat a balanced diet that is healthy, and that doesn’t make you feel deprived. Plus, it is also important to keep up with your workout routine even though the clothes that you’re wearing in the fall cover more of your body than your summertime outfits. It’s ultimately this combination of actions that will help you stay slim and fit through the fall and into the winter.

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