4 High Efficiency Workout Moves to Save You Time

by moderator on August 21, 2018

Time Saving High Efficiency Workout Moves

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym several times a week in order to get the results that you’re after. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain your weight loss, or build more strength, there are high efficiency workout moves that you can incorporate into your routine if you want to save time without sacrificing great results.

Below are high efficiency workout moves that will help you save time while also getting you in shape.

High Efficiency Workout Moves to Give a Try:

1. Lunge and Shoulder Press

Start by holding a pair of dumbbells (one in each hand), relaxing your arms at your sides. Move into a lunge on your right leg and, as you lift back to the starting position, lift your arms straight up over your shoulders to target the arm muscles. Focus on your form as you repeat the movement several times. You’ll work your lower body and upper body at the same time.

2. Side Squats and Shoulder Flies

Side squats will work on your lower body, while shoulder flies will work those arms and shoulders. Combine both to target multiple muscle groups at once. As you squat to the side, move your arms into a shoulder fly while holding dumbbells. Lift back to the starting position before squatting to the other side. Repeat for as long as you can to make the most of one of the best high efficiency workout moves.

3. Lunges and Bicep Curls

Like lunges with shoulder presses, this workout will get into the thighs and buns while strengthening your arms. However, instead of moving back to the starting position every time, stay down in the lunge position to boost the intensity. Therefore, start by lunging with your right leg and then holding there before straightening your right knee as you lift dumbbells into a bicep curl. As you drop the weight back down, lunge deep again. Repeat.

4. Dumbbell Row with Tricep Extension

With this exercise, you can work your back muscles and your triceps at the same time. If you have a workout bench you can lean on, you can use that. Otherwise, grab your dumbbell in one hand and use the other hand to support yourself as you move into a high lunge position, leaning the torso forward while keeping the back straight and the core engaged.

Lift the weight to your ribs, and when you get to the top, hold for a second before extending the weight backward to get the tricep working. Bend the elbow again, bring the arm down to the starting position, and repeat.

With these high efficiency workout moves, you can make the most of every minute you spend at the gym, so add them to your routine today!

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