What Should Your Goal Be for Weight Loss in 4 Weeks?

by moderator on July 28, 2020

How Much Weight Loss in 4 Weeks?

Would you like to lose some excess weight in about a month? Well, it’s important to be aware of how much weight loss you should aim to achieve in this relatively short time period. If you are anticipating losing a lot of weight, you might be disappointed to learn about what the experts recommend when it comes to speed of weight loss.

So, what should your goal be for weight loss in 4 weeks? Get the answer below.

How Much Weight Should You Aim to Lose Each Week? 

Rather than looking at the 4 weeks as a whole, why not break it down into more manageable milestones? According to the Mayo Clinic, experts recommend striving for a certain amount of weight loss each week.

What’s the number of pounds that experts recommend losing each week? Just 1 or 2 pounds. It’s true!

This is a good goal that you can set for yourself, so you won’t be unrealistic and set yourself up for failure. You can lose some weight in the first month, and if you keep going, you will lose even more weight over the long run.

Why You Should Lose Weight Gradually 

There are several reasons why experts want you to lose weight gradually. If you lose weight too quickly, you will likely end up doing more harm than good to your overall health. For example, some of the adverse effects of rapid weight loss include:

  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Uncontrollable appetite
  • A slower metabolism
  • Loss of muscle

So, How Much Weight Can You Lose in 4 Weeks? 

If you stick with the recommendation to lose 1 to 2 pounds weekly, over the course of 4 weeks, you can potentially lose anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds. Not bad, right? And, again, if you keep going, you can definitely continue losing that amount each month.

Talk to Your Doctor About the Best Weight Loss Strategies for Your Needs 

Depending on your current state of health, your current weight, and other factors, your doctor can tell you the best strategies that you should follow in order to slim down and hit your target weight. He or she can help you figure out a healthy, low-calorie eating plan that won’t leave you feeling deprived, and can also advise you on what exercise routine to follow. You might even be given guidance regarding some diet pills that can support your efforts. So, don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor when you’re ready to start shedding a lot of weight.

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