A Real Dietitian Says: These Are the Best Superfood Powders for Your Diet

by moderator on March 4, 2019

Best Superfood Powders According to Dietitians

Superfoods are all the rage because they boast a host of vital nutrients that your body needs to thrive and to maintain a healthy weight. With so many options out there, though, how can you choose the superfoods that are really worth it? To help you, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best superfood powders for your diet, according to the experts.


Anti-inflammatory turmeric can help you maintain your overall health and protect against disease, so this is one of the best superfood powders to consider adding to your diet. You can add it to your favorite recipes that include vegetables and pulses like peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas. Add in some black pepper and healthy fats to help your body better absorb the turmeric and reap all of the benefits that it can provide.


If you love to drink green tea for its flavor and health benefits, you will love matcha, which is basically a concentrated powder, rather than the usual dried leaves that you use to make a cup of tea. With this powder, you can expect to ingest more L-theanine, which is an amino acid that is associated with energy, alertness, and focus. Plus, if you replace unhealthy beverages, such as soda or energy drinks, with some matcha, which contains high amounts of caffeine as well, you can use it as part of your weight loss strategy.


According to Good Housekeeping, another one of the best superfood powders is pure ginger, which can act as a delicious substitute in meals that require a bit of spice. Don’t want to add it to your food? You can prepare ginger tea instead, which can really help soothe your belly as well. Why add more ginger to your diet? Well, it boasts antioxidants, which can help keep your cells healthy and reduce inflammation.

Flax, Chia, and Hemp

Flaxseed powder, chia seed powder, and hemp seed powder are all good choices as well. These can provide you with a variety of nutrients, including minerals, antioxidants, protein, and fiber, as well as plant-based healthy fats, and you can add them to your diet surprisingly easily. Considered some of the best superfood powders, you can enjoy them in your favorite dishes, as well as in smoothies.

These three superfood powders are wise choices when it comes to improving your overall diet so that you can lose weight, get in shape, and get healthier.

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